Welcome Back everybody!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer holidays.

 To kick off the year for the Kindergarten and 1/2 classes we are going to engage in transport activites.  After that we will be working on our kicking skills that include kicking a ball to a target that is stationary and moving. 

The grade 3/4 classes will be also warming up the school year with a variety of games such as different variations of tag, parachute, and throwing activities.  After that the students will enter into the soccer unit and will be practicing soccer skills.  At the end of the unit the students will have their own little soccer tournament.  The last week of the month will consist of a couple days of fitness evaluation and some low organized games to finish off the week.

Finally the grade 5/6 and 7/8 class will be doing a variety of games to start off the year that include soccer, dodgeball, and football.  The first unit will be soccer and at the end of the unit the classes will have a mini tournament.  For the last little bit of September the students will have three days of fitness where they will be tested on the BEEP test, pushup test, and sit up test.  This will occur every month.

I hope everybody is ready for another great year!