In October, the Kindergarten and Grade 1/2 classes will start with a unit in Transport.  These classes will be participating in a variety of different movement games that focus on personal space, movements, and group space.  After this unit we will be going into a throwing unit. We will start off with individual throwing techniques and by the end of the unit we will be getting into partner activities.

For the 3/4 classes we are starting the month off with a Football unit.  The students will learn how to throw a ball forward and lateral.  The students will show me their skills through keep away and ultimate football.  The next part of October the students will be engaging in a Dodgeball Unit.  The students will be participating in a variety of games that focus on throwing, invasion/territory games, moving to avoid getting hit, and team work.  The last three days in October will be Fitness days.  The students will go through a circuit of fitness activities for the class.

The grades 5-8 will start the month with a Football unit.  This unit will consist of throwing forward, catching, laterals, and a little bit of kicking.  We will be playing Ultimate Football and if the weather cooperates Football outside.  After the Football unit is finished the students will be participating in Team/Low organized activities.  These activities will be ranging from Bench Ball to Capture the Flag.  The last three classes in October will be Fitness Testing.  The Fitness Tests consist of a pushup challenge, sit up challenge, running, and flexibility.

In October the classes are going to start with doing a Health Unit.  We will be focusing on the Canadian Food Guide and will be talking about the Food Groups.