The K & 1/2 classes will start off the month with some Low Organized Games.  These games include different variations of dodgeball and variations of tag.  Then the students will be participating in activities that involve scoops and balls.  They will be learning how to throw and catch with the scoops.  the gymnasium will be filled with food for the Hampers so the students will be able to participate in helping build Hampers and also will be learning about the different food groups for health class.

In the 3/4 classes, the students are playing variations of dodgeball for the first couple of days.  After that they are going to be creating a game and teaching the class.  The games will be a variation of dodgeball, tag, or scooter games.  While the gymnasium is full of hampers the students will be learning about the different food groups, serving sizes, and making meal plans.

For the grade 5/6 and 7/8 class they are also creating a game to teach their class.  They have to create a game that we have not played before and present it to their class.  They also will be participating in Hamper building as well as Nutrition Class.