Now that the sun is starting to shine I hope to get outside to do some outdoor activities by the end of May but for now it is indoors.

The Kindergarten and grade 1/2 classes will start off the month with some invasion/territory activities that include Treasure Chest, Capture the Flag, and Rock My Castle.  After that depending on the weather we may go outside and do some activities or stay inside and do small group activities.

The grade 3/4 classes will start off May by participating in games that combine two sports together.  These games will include kickball (soccer and baseball combined) and a game that combines football and basketball.  Also with the grade 3/4 classes we will go outside and play invasion activities if the weather cooperates for the next while. 

As for the grade 5-8 classes the students will be participating in games that are team building games.  These games include Rounders, Football/Basketball.  If the weather permits the students will be participating in outdoor activities such as Steal the Pins, Ultimate Frisbee, and Football.  The students will be engaging in fitness activities during the next few months.

Now that the weather is warming up Running Club will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:00.  The schedule will be posted and a letter will go out to all the students who are participating.

For the month of May the grade 5-8 students who signed up will be participating in a Floor Hockey Tournament during lunch hours on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Finally a thanks to all the students, parents, and donors for participating in the Jump Rope For Heart Campaign.  An unofficial tally has been counted and BSLS has raised $4,300.00.  Way to go everybody!