Now that summer is just around the corner the students will be playing in a variety of outdoor activities.

The kindergarten and 1/2 classes will be reviewing manipulative skills such as throwing and kicking in a variety of different activities.  They also will be using different objects like the parachute and playing games like cat and mouse. 

The grade 3/4 classes will be playing a variety of outdoor activities.  They will be playing Team Handball, soccer, and also will be participating in the BEEP test which is a cardiovascular endurance test measuring stamina and oxygen intake.

The grade 5 - 8 students will be participating in the BEEP test also.  Along with the BEEP test the students will be reviewing games such as soccer, football, and baseball. 

On June 11th, Mr. Badiuk and Mr. Wozney slept on the roof of the school because of the students great work on raising $5000.00 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

June 17th, it was a pleasure to have Natalie Leroux come in and teach all of the students a little yoga.  Thank you very much, the kids enjoyed it.