During the month of February we will be participating in the Festival du Voyageur Week from February 18-21.  The Friday, February 21, is the Tastes of Festival plus the Concours des Meilleurs - phys. ed activities for all the grades!  So on the Friday, all classes will be participating in the:
     Voyageur costume relay
      Portaging relay
     Team-skiing relay
     Pillow Battle
I hope the students will enjoy the activities and be as excited as I am to plan them!  I look forward to the third week to start this!

Now that the Olympics are well underway, the students will be participating in a variety of sports associated to the Olympics with small modifications.  For example the students will be participating in a skiing race where they will use stilts to walk around a variety of pylons in a circle.  Some other sports that they will be participating include curling, hockey, and 4 person bobsled.
There are 5 general learning outcomes outlined in the Manitoba Physical Education Curriculum.  These outcomes are movement, fitness management, safety, personal and social management, and healthy lifestyle practices.