Welcome back students!!!! I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. 

The first few days of school the students will be engaged in a variety of low organized games so they can get to know each other and how their bodies have developed over the summer. 

In September the Kindergarten, grade 1/2, and grade 2/3 class will be participating in simple transport skills in a variety of different activities.  The students will be introduced to a variety of different soccer skills and will have the opportunity to use the skills in organized games.

The grade 3/4, 4/5, 6/ and 7/8 classes will begin with a variety of different dodgeball games.  After that the students will be participating in a soccer unit where the students will be learning and refining a variety of soccer skills and will have the chance to use them in a variety of different activities. 

On September 26 at 2:30pm the students and staff will be participating in the Terry Fox Walk.  BSLS has been part of the event for 10 years now and will continue to participate in the event.  The students will be doing Tasks for Terry this year.