In the month of October the K, 1/2, and 2/3 will be developing and improving the underhand and overhand throwing technique as well as learning how to catch a ball with their body and only using their hands.  The students will be participating in activities as individuals and in groups to perform these skills.  In October the students will also be engaged in a variety of Tag Games.  The skills that will be reinforced in this unit include: Different movement skills, offensive and defensive strategies to avoid being tagged.  The last couple days of October the students will be engaged in a few different fitness activities to improve their cardiovascular endurance.

For the 3/4, 4/5, 6, 7/8 classes they will begin October with the Football unit.  The students will learn how to throw and catch the ball, kick the ball, and some of the basic rules of the game in low organized activities.  After that unit the students will be participating in a Lacrosse/Dodgeball unit.  The students will be alternating both activities throughout the week.  We will finish off the month with Fitness Testing that includes: Beep Test, Pushup Test, Situp/Crunch Test, and Sit/Reach Test.  When the students are performing the tests they also will be playing a variety of tag games.