In January the students will be learning the skills involved in the sport of basketball.  The K-3 students will be dribbling the basketball in a stationary position and also travelling.  The students will use left hand, right hand, also alternating hands moving both forward and backward.  The students will be shooting into nets that have been modified (changed heights).  After that unit the students will participate in various tag and low organized games.

The Gr. 4-8 students will also be dribbling the basketball in a stationary position and travelling.  The students will also learn bounce and chest pass to stationary and moving targets.  The students will be shooting in modified and regular nets to gain confidence in accuracy and technique.  After the basketball unit the students will learn the skills of floor hockey that include: passing, handling, shooting, and teamwork.

All grades participate in fitness classes with modifications.  Kindergarten, Gr.1/2, and Gr. 2/3 students participate in relay and cardiovascular endurance races while the Gr. 4/5, 5/6, and 7/8 engage in muscular strength and muscular endurance exercises.