Upcoming Weeks

In the next couple of weeks the students will be learning from home.  I will be posting assignments for the students to complete on a network discussed with the Homeroom teacher.

Kindergarten students will be using a tool called SeeSaw.  I will be posting simple assignments for the students to complete.  The topics will be on safety, hygiene, and healthy/unhealthy foods.  They will be watching videos, matching, and drawing a picture to show their newly learned knowledge.  

Grade 1 students will using SeeSaw.  I will be assigning and posting activities for the students to complete during this time.  The students will be watching short videos about safety, dental health, bus safety and answering questions by drawings, written, or videos.  

Grade 2/3 students will be using SeeSaw for physical education and Mathletics with SeeSaw for math class.  The students will have assignments ranging from videos to matching questions for them to complete.  In math I will assign tasks for them to complete to continue on with the unit of Place Value and Base 10 Blocks.

Grade 3/4 students will be using OneNote for physical education and health education.  I will require them to complete assignments as written and video responses.  They will be keeping journals, performing workouts, and other health related topics.

Grade 5/6 students will be using SeeSaw to complete the assignments.  I will be asking them to complete journals, workouts, and watch videos on different topics.  If they have any questions they can email me at rwozney@bsls.ca during the time away.

The Grade 7/8 students will be using OneDrive and OneNote.  I will be assigning journals to be complete, videos, small research assignments about health and physical education related topics.

I ask parents to help with keeping their children active throughout the day.

I can be reached at rwozney@bsls.ca for further questions.
The students will be participating in a variety of outdoor sports and games.  Some of the sports they will be playing include soccer, handball, and baseball.  The students will be playing low organized games that include capture the flag and steal the bean bag.  The students will be participating in a variety of relay races outdoors.


The past couple of weeks the students have been learning and developing the skills of floor hockey and ringette.  They are learning how to stick handle, pass, and shoot when engaged in small area games and activities.  They have been applying the skills they have learned into small team games. 


Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back!!!

The students will begin the New Year with some low organized activities that include teamwork, cooperation, and lots of movement.  Then they will participate and learn the skills used in the sports of floor hockey, ringette, and sledge hockey.

Intramural's will begin this week with the Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 class participating during morning and afternoon recess and the Grade 3/4, and Grade 5-8 participating during the lunch recess.

In January the grade 7/8 students will be travelling to the University of Manitoba to participate in the indoor track and field event.


In November the grade 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 students participated in volleyball and low organized games. In the volleyball unit the students learned the proper form of forearm passing, setting, underhand and over head serving, and spiking.  Some of the low organized games the students played include Asteroid Blaster, 4 Corners, Pin Guard, and Ultimate 4 Square.

The Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2/3 classes also participated in volleyball which was modified to suit the needs of the students.  The students used balloons instead of volleyballs to give them more time to get under the balloon and pass it.  Some of the low organized games the students played include Zookeeper and Chicken Run.

This month the Grade 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 classes are participating in a 30 day workout challenge.  Each student picked an exercise to perform each physical education class and the time interval or repetition increases with every day.

The unit of focus in December is basketball.  The students will learn the proper form for dribbling, passing to stationary and moving targets, and shooting the basketball.


In physical education class the students have been participating in a variety of low organized games.  The Kindergarten - grade 3 classes were introduced to a variety of tag games including bridge tag, shark tag, T-Rex tag, and turtle tag.  Meanwhile in the grade 4-8 classes, they have been playing a variety of team games that include: capture the flag, crazy soccer, ultimate football, and handball basketball.

Intramural and running club forms will be handed out Wednesday, September 26th to all students.


Welcome back everyone!!!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer holiday and are looking back to another great school year.