In March the students participated in Low Organized Games.  In the low organized games unit they participated in a number of tag games that include Grumpy's Island, Shark Tag, and other tag games.  The older students also participated in the unit of floor hockey.

For country week the students will be introduced to a variety of games played in India.  The students will learn the history of India in the Olympics and a variety of sports that are widely played in this country.  The students will play a modified version of cricket as well as kadabbi.


In physical education the students are finishing up their basketball units.  The students will be starting the unit of floor hockey and ringette.  The students will be learning how to pass, receive a pass, stick handle, and shoot a puck/ring.


Winter has arrived and so does the intramural program.  The Kindergarten, Grade 1 class, and Grade 2 class will be coming to the gym on separate days during the first and last recess to play some games and have some fun.  The grade 3/4 class will be participating during a lunch hour and the grade 5-8 classes will be together during two lunch hours.

The students just finished a volleyball unit and will be introduced to the basketball unit as well as the floor hockey unit.  The students will learn how to dribble the basketball, pass, and shoot the ball.  During the floor hockey unit the students will learn how to stick handle the ball, pass, and shoot the ball.  These units will be continued in the New Year will small area games being the main focus.


Running Club has ended for the fall and I would like to thank the volunteers for coming out and helping promote the program.  Thank You.  The intramural program will start this month and the schedule will be updated on the blog and given to the teachers.  The grade 5-8 students will begin with an indoor soccer tournament.

The students will be learning about volleyball during this month.  The younger students will be using balloons to get the movements and an understanding of the skills while the older students will be using the volleyballs to practice and play small area games using the skills they have acquired.

September 25th - September 29th

This week in phys. ed. the students will be learning the skills of soccer.  They will be learning how to dribble the ball, pass to stationary and moving targets, and shooting.  The students will apply these skills to small group games.

Running Club is starting this week.  Running Club will happen during lunch hour (12:20-12:50) Tuesday and Thursday weather permitting.  The students will enter the gym at 12:20, check in with Mr. Wozney, and run around the school property until it is time to return for classes.

Friday, September 29th, the students, staff, and any volunteers are participating in the Terry Fox Walk.  The students will be shown a brief video at 2:15 and then proceed to a walking route in the neighbourhood and will return for 3:16.


Welcome back everyone!  I hope everybody had a great summer and is happy to be back in school.  A letter was sent home in the BSLS packages regarding intramural and running club.  I would ask that they be filled out and returned to the school as soon as possible so I can start scheduling running club days.

The first two weeks of school for all students will be low organized games.  The students will play a variety of different games in the gymnasium.  The games will mostly vary with different tag games to simple ball games.

For the grade 3-8 classes, Fridays will begin with a workout that will take approximately 10 minutes.


In April the students will be learning some new low organized games once they get back from Spring Break.  Grumpys Island and Four Corner Tag are a couple of the new games that will be introduced.  Also in April the students will be learning the skills of badminton.  The younger grades will get an introduction to the sport by learning what the equipment is called and will have some time hitting the birdies around individually.  The older students will be learning the skills of the sport, serving, clearing, smashing, and drop shots.  The students will take the skills they have obtained and apply them to game situations in singles and doubles.

Running club will resume in May.  Tuesday and Thursdays at 12:20 is the times and the students will be running around the school grounds.


Welcome back everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their winter break.  This month the students will begin the unit of basketball.  The students will be learning how to dribble the ball using their left hand and right hand.  The students will be dribbling the ball moving forward and backwards.  The students will also be learning the different shots used for offence.  The students will passing to stationary and moving targets in an offensive and defensive state.

Intramurals will be starting for all grades and times will be posted in their classroom and on the intramural page.

Basketball permission forms will be handed out to the grade 5-8 students.


With this beautiful weather continuing running club will still be taking place Tuesday and Thursdays until further notice.

The grade 6-8 volleyball team travelled to St. John Brebeuf School and had a fun and competitive three sets.  Photos are on the volleyball page.

The grade 6-8 volleyball team is travelling to Our Lady of Victory once in November and once in December for a game.

In the gym this month the students will be playing bowling, ringette / floor hockey, and other low organized games.  In bowling the students will be practicing there hand eye coordination when rolling the ball at targets.  In ringette and floor hockey the students will be learning the skills required for the two sports.

November 22 is an exciting day for the students in physical education.  Curling Manitoba is going to be teaching each class Rocks and Rings with a 30 minute hands on presentation.

October 2016

In October the students are going to try and use the warm weather as much as possible.

In the Kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2/3 class the students will be participating in a number of throwing and catching activities.  The students will be throwing and catching with themselves, with scoops, with partners, and with balls of varying sizes.  They also will be participating in volleyball type activities that are modified to fit their skill levels.  The students are participating in fitness (cardiovascular endurance) days once a week in either low organized game activities or relay races.

The grade 4/5, 5/6, and 7/8 class will begin October by learning the skills and some rules for the sport of football.  The students will be learning how to throw and catch to stationary and moving targets.  The students will be participating in football type activities indoors and outdoors.  The second half of the month the students will begin the volleyball unit.  They will be learning how to set, forearm pass, spike, and serve a ball. The students participate in fitness days every two weeks to improve overall fitness levels.

Running club is underway and the students are getting some miles in.  Running club is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Running club will go until the last Thursday in October.